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"Okay, should we get some coffee?"


I was just saying that I hated it! Slow mo backing the stroller downstairs?? Mmmmnothx.
FRIENDS4evR tho ✌️

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Writers are always interchanging in some way, just as the air we breathe doesn’t belong to one place.


black an white blog, homies.

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Things fitting into other things, done perfectly.

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Science’d and Math’d!!

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I lean towards NE0N

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#storyscapes cheers @sapphireginusa (at Bombay Sapphire House of imagination)


Happy Earth Day!
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NOT A GIF, consistently cropped PNG! WHOAAAA

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One of these #MustHaveBeenHigh tweets will receive the highest praise. Find out which one on tonight’s @midnight.

Happy Four Twenty, too!

best case scenario

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Happy Earth Day!! 4/22/14